In case of heart attack, thrombus break from the wider blood vessels can reach in some branch of the pulmonary vein. In this case, in the pulmonary blood vein occurs blood clot in the size of hazelnut, and it may extend through the whole lung lobe.



If this type of clot (thrombus) contains contagious substances, hot spots filled with pus appear. Dregs of blood (blood liquid) and fat may reach the lungs. Fat blockings aren’t rare occurrence. They occur as a result of broken bones, post surgical periods in bones and hard crushing fats under the skin. The fat from the bone marrow enters in the bloodstream and reaches the lungs.

Every lung blockage could be fatal, especially if the larger part of the lungs is blocked. Obstruction of the main lung vein could cause immediate death or so-called death drop. Cause for often deaths occurs when the patients start moving after having a bone surgery, believing they are healed which is wrong even though the surgical wound is healed. Even the blockage of small blood vessel could cause rapid deficit of air and sharp pain. The patient will cough out a little bit of blood too.

Healing of pulmonary embolism

The treatment is consisted of diet and moderate lifestyle. Instead of drinking water, you should drink light tea made of equal amounts of willow bark and gentian. You are allowed to drink all fresh fruit juices without sweeteners, but with an addition of one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

You should avoid fried foods, canned products, strong food and animal fats. Eliminate cigarettes, alcohol and black coffee. Spend more time in some area with clean air while resting.


Lung inflammation (Pneumonia)

Lung inflammation is a disease that may appear in any time of the year, but it mostly occurs during the autumn and winter. When you are affected by cold and bronchi inflammation, you will be affected by lung inflammation which is caused by bacteria.

Lung inflammation is not perceptible disease, although it is caused by bacteria. In fact, some of the bacteria live in the human organism and aren’t dangerous until they multiply in impotent area. The inflammation usually affects only one part of the lungs. The disease usually begins with cold. In case the disease affected the lung tissue near the tissue, it will cause regular irritation of the pleura.

Lung inflammation mostly occurs suddenly, with strong tremors. The warmth of the body goes up by 40 degrees Celsius. This is followed with difficult breathing and pain in the chest. It is a sharp pain, followed with cough. At the beginning the cough is hard and tiring which is very bad for the patient. The sputum is sticky and often with blood traces.

If the lung inflammation is not treated, the increased body temperature usually lasts for 7 days. After this period the temperature lowers and this was known as crisis in the past. The temperature fall means that the disease started to weaken. The children and youngsters have higher temperature while the old people have low temperature, which doesn’t mean that the disease in the older ones is weaker. Just the opposite, the disease in them comes often in more severe form. Today the pneumonia can be healed with antibiotics.

Treating lung inflammation

The composition of tea:

– 30 g. Nettle

– 30 g. of flowers elderberry

– 30 g of lungwort stem

– 20 g of thyme stem

– 20 g of plantain leaf

– 20 g of primrose stem

– 20 g of coltsfoot leaves and flowers

– 20 g of white mustard stem

– 20 g of mistletoe leaves

– 20 g of male kantaria leaves and flowers

Preparation and usage of the tea:

Squeeze the herbs well and mix them well. Add 10 grams of this mixture in 1 liter of boiling water. Cover the pot and cook for 2 minutes. Then remove it from the heat and leave it to cool down while covered. Strain the cold tea in some bottle and drink 1dcl in equal time periods. You must drink 1 liter of tea per day. You can use honey as sweetener.

In severe forms of lung inflammation prepare the in different way, In 1 litter boiled and cooled down water add 20 grams of the herb mixture and leave it to stay during the night. In the morning you can add 10 tablespoons of organic honey and cook it at low heat for 2 minutes. Leave it to cool down while covered. Once it is cooled down strain the tea in some bottle and add freshly squeezed juice from 1 lemon. Drink 1-2dcl in every 30 minutes.

Eat 1 tablespoon of honey and young butter 3 times per day together with your meals. You can eat this with your bread. You should eat onions as much as possible. You should eat caloric food and eat bacon with garlic between your main meals.

You should smear your body with a little bit of wine vinegar from the neck to the lower back and massage it well until it dries out. Then you should apply unsalted goat fat in this area or you can also use unsalted pork fat. The fat should be rubbed well. The room in which the patient stays should be ventilated and moderately warm.



In case of heart attack, thrombus break from the wider blood vessels can reach in some branch of the pulmonary vein. In this case, in the pulmonary blood vein occurs blood clot in the size of hazelnut, and it may extend through the whole lung lobe.   If this type of...